Dynamic escape tool kit integration into jacket sleeve cuffs for search / scan resistant concealment and seamless access / deployment.


A particular set of tools must be removed from a SERE loadout kit to be applied for field use, forming an independent and “active” deployment carry kit. An active SERE kit is not a pack or pouch filled with many tools to be carried for universal use. It is a select few tools for a specific purpose such as escape / evasion and is integrated on to the person.

This is the “cuffs” method:

Other than the usability of the selected tools for the intended purpose, concealability and deployability is paramount. It must be able to withstand certain levels of physical searches (human) and digital detection (metal, x-ray and other spectrum scanners).

Active SERE Kit Method- Cuffs | detcadeR

The idea of this method is to attach the desired tools discreetly in cuffs of compatible jackets, coats and other similar apparel. Sewed, clipped etc.

In this particular setup, a modified ceramic razor and modified plastic handcuff key is securely attached with velcro (hook) to velcro (loop).

The cuff tab completely conceals the tools when closed with no printing or obstruction.

Specially sized velcro strips were super glued to each tool that “stick” to the cuff tab, completely securely and with as less parts as possible. This also acts as grip and retention for the fingers for use.


Strategically located in the most logical and quickly deployable area of the body for when the hands are restrained – literally touching the object the tool is meant for.

The contents of an active SERE kit depends solely on the user’s directive and is entirely interchangeable.

However, each item should adhere to the following characteristics; nonmetallic or titanium, flat or rounded consistency and corrosion resistant.