The Benchmade SOCP is a karambit / push knife hybrid in a straight dagger form. It’s designed for deep concealed carry and deployment speed.


A well-designed and reliable tactical knife that is ideal for extreme close quarters and special circumstances. Its unique design, durable construction, and versatile carry options make it a popular choice among operatives.

  • Highly Versatile MOLLE Sheath
  • 3.22″ Blade Cutting Edge
  • Stealthy and Low Profile
  • High Carbon Steel

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        The Benchmade SOCP Dagger is a tactical knife designed for close-quarters combat and self-defense. It’s made by Benchmade Knife Company, a well-known manufacturer of high-quality knives and tactical tools.

Featuring a skeletonized dagger blade with a finger ergonomic handle that allows for a secure grip during use. The blade is made of durable stainless steel and is designed for piercing and slicing, making it an effective tool for self-defense and combat situations.

One of the unique features of the SOCP Dagger is its multi-position carry sheath, which allows the user to carry the knife in a variety of positions for maximum versatility and convenience. The sheath is made of durable Kydex material and can be attached to a belt, backpack, or other piece of equipment.

Benchmade SOCP Dagger Review

*The Benchmade SOCP knives are widely equipped by professionals by integrating them via MOLLE on plate carriers, bags and other universally adaptable kits as a backup, as well as for concealed carry.