A chain dog leash is used by operatives in non-permissive environments or as impromptu blade armor wrapped over the forearm, as a garrote or improvised (melee) weapon.


The “permissive” nature of being able to carry these as both a defensive and offensive weapon makes them ideal as an improvised tool in urban environments where “real” weapons are not permissible.

  • Welded Chrome Plated Steel
  • 6 Feet Length
  • 3.0mm Width
  • PU Leather Handle

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        While a chain dog leash is primarily intended for use as a dog leash, it can also be used as a defensive weapon in a self-defense situation. Here are a few ways a chain dog leash can be used as a defensive weapon:

Swinging: The chain dog leash can be swung in a circular motion to create a barrier between yourself and an attacker. The heavy chain can also be used to strike an attacker if necessary.

Choking: The chain dog leash can be used to choke an attacker by wrapping it around their neck and pulling tight. This can be a particularly effective technique if the attacker is larger or stronger than you.

Wrapping: The chain dog leash can be wrapped around an attacker’s limbs to immobilize them. This can buy you time to escape or call for help.