This is an edged weapons carry method equipping 2 of the same or similar types of knives, strategically on your person for advanced dynamic close quarters combat.


Whether as a backup or primary weapon, knives have an exceptional ‘carry size’ / ‘damage potential’ ratio.

They are relatively compact yet can induce situationally inexhaustible damage. Which make them ideal to equip more than one per on-person EDC.

For a full service loadout, a dual firearm carry option is ideal but not so much for lighter, more concealed loadouts that can be considered a simplified everyday carry kit. Again, due to their size, mass and shape, knives work for dual carry in considerably more scenarios, for user carryability and concealability.

However, that doesn’t mean a dual bladed CQC carry wouldn’t be effective while also equipping a firearm.

When equipping 2 knives for this concept, both should be the same model or similar in size or type. This is because they are in a sense, both the primary weapon. For example, a primary specifically and individually for the left and right hand – equipped simultaneously.


In the photo example, a Microtech Dirac and a Microtech Ultratech is equipped, a 3 and 3.4 inch blade, respectively – both double action automatics.

Each knife is equipped on the body in the same but opposing spots, the left and the right. Positioned in a way that each hand can reach and deploy the “reserved” knife in the most optimal way.

The dominant hand should obviously deploy and engage with the primary weapon whenever possible – this carry concept is for when that’s not possible. For when engaging with the weaker hand is the only or more advantageous option during combat.

    For example; the right hand (dominant) getting injured or the right arm getting pinned down or otherwise incapacitated during an engagement.

    Another example; the left hand (weaker) maneuvering the knife while the right hand (dominant) is grappling the target subject in a hold to strike.

Your dominant hand isn’t exclusively for offense in the same way your weak hand isn’t exclusively for defense. Either hand can and should be used for either type of move depending on the combat event.

That is the basis of equipping 2 blades of similar size / type as part of a loadout or EDC in the same but opposing locations (left + right) on the body. Because remember, just because your dominant hand may be trained for primary attacks and maneuvers, doesn’t mean it will always be available to engage with, nor will it always be the most optimal hand to strike with.

The dual bladed CQC carry method isn’t about primary weapons for just the dominant side, it’s about primary weapons for either side for anytime.

[GEAR : Microtech Dirac + Ultratech, Det V Cader Escape Bracelet, HWI Kevlar Combat Gloves, Rolex Submariner Date Watch]