This is a series of intel regarding the various types of ‘fading covers’ (e.g. shift disguises, temporary identities) for escape/evasion, access, security and infiltration.


A fading cover is a passing situational disguise measure enacted on the fly or impromptu for brief and advancing interactions.

The term “hard hat” is a nickname for construction workers in the US and some of the Western world.

As with the jogger fading cover, this method also lets you blends in with almost any urban environment as an integral and “invisible” part of the city.

However, this cover has the potential for far more access and less provocation or raising suspicion.

Construction workers not only blend in to any public urban space but into some private or closed off spaces such as; any structure under construction, maintenance tunnels, off-track subway sections, secure facilities, government properties etc.

   Enacting This Cover :

This requires an actual hard hat that can be acquired easily and at low cost. Also, optionally, to further sell the cover, a high visibility vest is highly effective.

Simply putting on the the hard hat in most scenarios will suffice for moderate camouflage protection.

Other than the optional high-vis vest, other apparel such as boots and “working” clothes is not necessarily necessary as the wearer of hard hats aren’t always rugged men doing rugged work but extends to woman and clean-cut professionals in business suits.

If a certain type of person is expected to be at a specific type of place, then when that person is noticed by most people, they are validated and quickly forgotten of their presence without a thought.

Such is the potential of the “hard hat” facade.

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