This is a series of intel regarding the various types of ‘fading covers’ (e.g. shift disguises, temporary identities) for escape/evasion, access, security and infiltration.


A fading cover is a passing situational disguise measure enacted on the fly or impromptu for brief and advancing interactions.

A jogging man or woman on a street blends in with almost any urban environment as part of the city.

It’s the most ordinary thing to see that people will dismiss a jogger as quickly as they pass them by, and that’s why this type of cover is so effective.

An operative disguised as someone running for exercise in public can move at any pace and aggressively cutting through crowds, vehicles and urban terrain without raising suspicion.

Freedom of speed and agility with an open path on the streets is crucial for various scenarios such as tracking a target or evading a pursuer – particularly when you must remain undetected in plain sight.

       Enacting This Cover :

From the onset you can wear any typical running apparel from the start to finish of the OP.


This way gives you an additional appearance that you can convert to in a moment if necessary.

Whereas running through a busy city dressed in tactical gear, a uniform or even regular non-exercise street clothes could compromise your visibility.

As a “jogger” the people around you will give you space and move about, they’ll notice you but forget you.

It gives you plausibility for moving so dynamically.

As with any cover, you must act the part that you’re looking like to retain disguise integrity.

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[OPTICS : Berlin, Germany]