Anything of mass and relative handheld manageability can be used as a weaponized tool as is and on the fly, including the ordinary and seemingly innocuous objects we carry.


These are things found on your person for everyday carry (EDC); mobile phone, keys, belt, jacket, briefcase / computer bag, loose change, pens etc.

We could also choose to carry items, that can be used as weapons, however to be considered as an improvised weapon they must have a primary purpose that is non-combative e.g. a Maglite torch is primarily a torch, even though it can be used as a short stick, or a small striking object.

There are also objects such as pens and torches that have tactical equivalent e.g. tactical flashlight, tactical pens. Here we must consider, whether a tactical flashlight is primarily a weapon that can be used as a flashlight, or a flashlight that can be used as a weapon.

This can be an important factor if the conflict / assault ever goes to court, and the question of whether you were prepared and armed (tactical pen/flashlight), versus unprepared and unarmed e.g. Maglite torch, ballpoint pen etc. gets brought up.

There may also be objects we carry as part of our jobs, which can be used combatively e.g. a clipboard if we are working in a hospital etc. If we have a legitimate reason to be carrying such a tool, then it is quite a straightforward, explanation as to why we used it to defend ourselves i.e. we had it in our hands when we were assaulted.


There may be objects that we will have in our hands, due to other situations that we find ourselves in e.g. if we are in a bar and we are holding a bottle we can use this as a weapon, if we are on a train / bus reading a book, we can use this as a weapon etc.

You may have a magazine in your hand but if you have no time to roll it up it won’t serve you well as a stick like weapon. A Newspaper can be folded into a brick like object but this takes time, and you may not be able to do it surreptitiously, and or quickly enough – it can however be easily deployed as a distracting weapon, or put over the person’s face as a mask.

Whatever weapon we carry, whether improvised or designed as a weapon e.g. knife, baton, gun etc. it must be accessible and ready to use.

If you can’t get to it, it’s of no use to you.

Anything you carry on your person as a tactical / defensive tool has to be easily deployed. An assailant will deny you time and distance, so the quicker you can get your chosen weapon into your hand the better.