The KA-BAR TDI Investigator is a sub-compact and extremely concealable tactical knife designed for fast and critical response tactics.


These KA-BAR knives are reliable and effective tools for personal defense and everyday carry. Its compact size, durable blade, and secure grip make it a favorite among law enforcement personnel, military personnel, and civilians who value self-defense and preparedness.

  • Black Traction Coating
  • 2.71″ AUS 8A Blade
  • Contour Handles
  • Ergonomic System

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        *The KA-BAR Investigator is widely used by law enforcement as a backup or special use blade.

Named after the Tactical Defense Institute, where it was developed in collaboration with law enforcement personnel and instructors.

The TDI Investigator Knife features a 2.75-inch blade made of high-quality AUS-8A stainless steel, which is known for its durability and corrosion resistance. The blade is partially serrated and has a drop point shape, which provides a good balance of cutting power and piercing ability.

KA-BAR TDI Investigator Knife d

The handle of the TDI Investigator Knife is made of textured Zytel, which provides a secure grip even in wet conditions. The knife also comes with a hard plastic sheath that can be worn on a belt or attached to MOLLE gear, making it easy to carry and access when needed.