*OPS is a series of intel about possibly true or reversely false experiences of covert operatives and agents. Edited, altered, fictional and or true accounts of operations.


The following covert operation may or may not describe actual events. Places, names, timelines and other details may have been modified, omitted or added in part or as a whole if inspired by events and actions that may or may not have actually occurred and people that may or may not have existed. Verifiably unverifiable but with the core narrative intact.


       [ OBJECTIVE ]         Have a meeting with a prominent businessman on a small island village to clone his phone, by using the cover as a fellow pedophile.

       0001         With no bridge or airport, the only way to reach this isolated but vibrant town is by the 1 hour ferry from mainland. It’s less than 5 square miles of land but busy and highly developed… I disembark, now looking for a taxi to my “bed and breakfast”.

       0002         The taxi driver explains how there’s only 2 taxi’s on the island and as many hotels, including the one I’m staying in… I check in to what seems like someone’s quaint private home and await a message from the businessman, Frank.

       0003         Beep! Beep! My phone is alerted. “Meet me at my office, it’s just a few minutes walk from you…”

       0004         Walking to Frank’s office I realize from the amount of well paved streets, traffic and buildings, I wouldn’t have guessed I was on an island with a population of just a couple of thousand.

       0005         I walk into his office and see an empty desk where his secretary should be at. The walls are full of photos of him and what seems to be other prominent members of this town, including the mayor. Frank gets off the phone then greets me with a glass of wine and we sit at his own desk.

       0006         We enjoy our drinks while making pleasantries… Frank then takes out his Toughbook laptop and uses his thumb as biometrics to unlock the computer. He pours us another round.

       0007         He think I’m here to buy his cache of pedo porn, which is why he’s loading the laptop, to show me the goods. But I just need him to use the bathroom so I can clone his phone, which is charging on his desk.

       0008         I really do not want to see the goods, but Windows has loaded and he’s accessing an encrypted folder. The thumbnails of images, gifs and videos of underage girls are now visible on his laptop, he then invites me to browse for myself. A fiery anger with intense disgust builds inside of me but I keep cool. Instead of obliging, I start refilling our glasses of wine and tell him to show me his favorites instead.

       0009         I did that so he can be occupied showing off his collection while I get close enough to his cellphone to clone… I nod and and grunt as he says a remark about each pic or video he shows me, meanwhile behind me, I’m using my free hand to clone his phone.

       0010         I complete the clone and say I’ll buy the collection, but he says he wants to show me his favorite “girl”… I was supposed to leave him unharmed as soon as the phone was cloned. But…

       0011         Then a photo of a girl no more than 13 years of age loads on his laptop, just an ordinary school photo. He explains he purchased her years ago for “you know what” but he had to “get rid of her” because it was too hard to care for after she got sick. I’ve ever been more furious than at that exact moment… He continued how he was now searching for another girl to buy.

       0012         Be smart now, emotional later; one of the important factors of an OP or in combat. I suppose this is an exception. I listened to my emotions.

       0013         While he went on describing what he wants his next perfect slave to be like, I went behind him as if to pour us more wine. Instead I deploy a garrote from my wrist then tangle it around his neck. I pull and pull.

       0014         His legs kicking, his fingers trying to get under the garrote wire digging into his neck and his deafeningly silent scream was poetic while the photo of the little girl on his laptop was staring right at him as he attempts to draw an impossible breath.

       0015         One less pedophile in the world. But I hadn’t planned to deal with a body, especially the body of a “pillar of the community” that people will miss.

       0016         This is why it’s imperative to defer emotions until the OP is done, it diverts the best-laid plans.

       0017         Time to adapt tradecraft.

       0018         I bring his laptop to the floor so that I can use his thumb to unlock it again. I change the settings so that it won’t require a password or biometrics to access it anymore. Finally, I set the laptop back on the desk with the porn wide open on the screen but set it so it won’t shutdown or go to sleep – for the police.

       0019         On a piece of paper, I simply write “JUSTICE” on it and place it on the keyboard of the laptop.

       0020         I casually walk back to my hotel, check out then take the next ferry back to mainland.

       0021         After dinner, I take a train into the next city… In the bathroom of the train station, I remove my facial prosthetics and change into a new set of clothing that I’ve prearranged and hidden in this stall. Then finally take the bus into another city to the airport.

       0022         Now in a safe house 2 continents away, I activate the VPN on my tablet to access the local news of that island village while having a beer.

All that mattered was to have the target’s data from his cell phone, which was procured. The local authorities found the laptop full of evidence, resulting in multiple arrests and investigations to his accomplices. As for his death, it was assumed it was for revenge by friend or family of one of his victims.

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