Strategic pseudocide is a way of staging a person’s own death for the purpose of post operational security, escape / evasion and identity conversion.


A self faked death, also called a staged death or technically; pseudocide, is the act of an individual resolutely deceiving the world into believing the deception that the individual has passed away, when the person is, in fact, still alive and well.

The process of committing pseudocide is done by deliberately leaving evidence to be found of the individual’s definitive death – not disappearance.

The process of maintaining pseudocide requires a backstopped identity and variations of misdirective reverse off-grid living – not disappear, but reappear.

Pseudocide is not a death, it’s a rebirth.

Wether strategic pseudocide is committed for professional(covert operations, espionage etc.) or personal(financial gains, desperation etc.) purposes, its result is a new lease on life, not just identity.