‘RS2S’ techniques (rapid / stealth 2 step) are close quarters combat maneuvers executed with 2 steps to stealthily and rapidly incapacitate an adversary or assassinate a target.


RS2S are strikes of finality, taken with extreme prejudice as the only or most optimal option for the broader objective parameter; mission completion, personal survival, person(s) protection etc.

These moves are enacted when you have the drop on a target or otherwise have a first-move advantage.

If there’s a wall in front of you and there’s no way around it or turning back, that barrier must be obliterated as your future depends on it.

The purpose is for when you must get passed an obstacle in order to proceed to or complete an objective (the obstacle in certain cases may also be the objective; such as an assassination). This “obstacle” being a human combatant, is specifically there to prevent you from that objective. With the only way forward by unconditionally ending the combatant’s ability to affect you any further.


“End” by way of death or severely incapacitating.

The difference in this obstacle and other potential engagement scenarios is that it is not optional. In that it is singularly the only way through – the obstacle must be faced in one way or another no matter what.

So it is physically and therefore situationally impossible to not face the obstacle in question. There is no alternate route or backtracking – it’s a one way. This factor makes the rules of engagement explicitly clear on the level of force that may need to be used.

Once you start to stop an attacker, don’t stop until the attacker can’t start again.

Depending on the direness of the situation, the obstacle may need to be irrevocably eliminated (killed) if the mission objective deems it necessary.

Regardless of the level of dire, the obstacle in an ‘RS2S’ scenario must be utterly immobilized.

The essential aim is to apply asymmetric force with speed and stealth to quickly dismantle / disable the obstruction (human combatant) in your way.

            〉〉〉Intel guides will be available for each specific ‘Rapid/Stealth CQC-2S’ (RS2S) techniques