The REBS Wire Ladder by Brigantes is an extremely portable yet highly versatile (tactical) ladder device for escape and evasion + access and entry maneuvers.


This Wire Ladder is a useful tool for operatives and operators who need to quickly and safely climb over obstacles in a variety of situations. It’s having the function of a ladder without having to carry a full ladder.

  • 316 Steel + T6 Aluminium
  • Load Capacity (MBL) 1200kg
  • Sizes: 1.5 to 20 Meters
  • Weight: .33 to 3.26kg

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        The REBS Wire Ladder is a type of tactical ladder used by military and law enforcement personnel for climbing over walls, fences, and other obstacles. It is designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to deploy in a variety of situations.

Made of high-strength stainless steel wire, which makes it durable and resistant to damage. It features a series of metal rungs spaced evenly apart, allowing users to climb up and over obstacles quickly and safely.

One of the unique features of this ladder is its compact and lightweight design. It can be folded up and carried in a small pouch, making it easy to transport and deploy in the field. The ladder can also be easily attached to a range of equipment, including belts, harnesses, or backpacks, for added convenience.

REBS Wire Ladder

*The REBS Wire Ladder is available in various sizes and materials to suit the operation and terrain.