A gel graft applied to the skin like an adhesive to conceal objects from full-body scanners and other X-ray devices, by inducing the spot area to mimic flesh.


Originally conceived to hide microfiche, negatives and other near 2-dimensional items on an operative’s body, this tech now conceals more mass / volume.

When it comes into contact with moist skin, the gel expands and forms, encompassing the items to be concealed and sealing itself to the skin.

Security-Body-Scanner-Suppressor-Gel | Detcader

When scanned, the items avoid “visual” detection by making it appear as if there’s just more skin.

It’s effectively “skin camouflage”, not directly for the human eye but for the perspective of wave scanners which translates it to the human eye as such.

These scanner suppressors are a gel substance layered with an optical filter. The gel has the consistency, density and spectral signature of human skin, whereas the filter manipulates / alters imaging.

It does not have any effect on metal detectors as it has no affect to electromagnetic fields.


The purpose of a scanner suppressor graft is to be able to conceal sensitive or non-permissive items on your person and into places where it would otherwise not be possible due to security measures.

Example items:

  • Secondary Mobile Phone
  • Fixed Blade Knife
  • Escape Tools
  • Memory Cards
  • Recording Device
  • Entry Kit
  • Transmitters
  • Receivers
  • Passport
  • Documents

Larger objects and firearms are not possible to effectively suppress from detection due to the significant mass / volume against the human body.

Each graft is cut per use and can only be used once, losing functionality after it’s “peeled” from the body.