Survival for any function in any scenario comes down to a simple equation: survival = adaptation. To survive is to adapt, to adapt is to survive.


The art of survival is the act of adaption.

Survival is adaptation; change, adjust, improve, train, remove, accommodate, shift, conform, alter and modify. To optimally adapt to certain circumstances, in oneself and the surrounding environment.

That is the meaning of survival.

Survival in any form for any environment is an act of prevention and or recovery – to adapt as needed.

That is the basis of survival.

Survival is the strategic adjustments of controllable elements within a life-threatening or otherwise critical scenario to mitigate or overcome it.

That is the concept of survival.

All urban, wilderness or lifestyle survival is about making changes (adaptions) to any given situation for a more controlled and beneficial outcome:

  – In coldness, adapt by finding or producing heat.

  – In altercations, adapt by defending or evading.

  – In lost positions, adapt by navigating.

  – In injury, adapt with meds and first-aid.

  – In hunger, adapt by procuring sustenance.

It’s just changes to the things that can be changed, incremental to major adaptations to anything you have control over in a survival scenario.

The next time your survival instincts are on-active, examine the situation before you, see what in your surroundings can be changed to be in your favor. This is adapting. A simple change in status of something you have control over for more desirable results.

Survival is predominately mental. Even without relevant training or mastered skillsets, a specific state of mind is the de facto survival tool…

That adaptation equals survival.

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