In regards to the security of physical places, objects and persons, any measure for or against it are irrevocably subject to these 3 laws.


    FORCE         All security measures can only take a certain amount of force (brute, targeted, passive). This pertains to the applied level or intervention of force it takes for a security measure to fail.

    EFFORT         All security measures require human, machine or other controllable entity effort to bypass or overcome. This pertains to the actual “work” and setup involved in executing a plan.

    TIME         All security measures have a finite amount of time of being effective before failure. This pertains to the fact that regardless of effort or force, any security measure will fail in time.


        Each law individually could amount to zero depending on the situation and objective, but at least one law must be more than zero to be classified as “security”.

However, even if a particular law is zero, it must still be analyzed into the equation of security. As in mathematics, “0” is not “nothing”, it does have value.

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