In scenarios where weapons are not permitted or when entering places that can’t be accessed with weapons, these 3 tactics bypasses such restrictions.


A Thing Doesn’t Have to be a Weapon
to be Used as a Weapon   //

A weapon is a thing designed specifically to inflict physical damage or death. However, a thing doesn’t need to be designed to do as such to be used as such. If a thing meets a certain criteria of mass, size and shape to produce the efficacy of weapon, then it is a weapon – or could situationally be used as one.

Essentially any physical object can be used as a weapon in one way or another.

If You Can’t Bring a Weapon Into a Place,
Find a Weapon in The Place   //

Whether by physical searches or digital detectors / scanners, carrying a weapon or a thing to be used as a weapon into certain places / scenarios may not be possible. In these instances, an option is to find a weapon or a thing to be used as a weapon once passed the barrier and inside such a perimeter.

Look for something beyond the parameters of the typical classification of a weapon.

If You Can’t Bring or Find a Weapon,
Make or Become a Weapon   //

If the other 2 tactics don’t apply or can’t be applied in a place / scenario, another option to weaponize is to create a functional weapon with the materials and tools available in the given situation. If this is not possible, the last option is to make yourself the weapon by way of mindset and preparedness.

If you’re weak without a weapon, you’re weak, period.

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