A quick countering action to conceal signs of deception, fear and distress, as well as to suppress emotional responses and telling facial tics.


There are interpersonal scenarios in which an operative may need to conceal or suppress their true state of mind, emotion or being – for strategy;

Interrogations, keeping cover, combat, manipulations, conflicts and generally deceptive communications.

When in such scenarios and your “feelings” may compromise the objective or yourself, bite the inside of your cheek or the side of your tongue with your teeth to produce high but bearable pain.

It can be an effective method of concealing / suppressing typically involuntary signs of deception and various emotional states through body language and speech.

The distracting pain takes precedence over your biological receptors and therefore overrides your body’s normal stimuli response patterns.

Producing a steadier and more manageable baseline.

The purpose is to make detection less likely in both human and machine (polygraph) encounters.