This appearance subterfuge strategy differs from than using prosthetics, uniforms and other intensive measures. Instead it’s selective, improvised and can be actuated on demand / on the fly.

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A “disguise-shift” is a type of appearance altering maneuver, executed on demand in a quick single motion or step – while operating in the field.

For the purpose of hiding in plain sight; disappearing into a crowd, specifically at a moment’s notice.

“Shifts” are both visual bodily theatrics and physical garment adjustments that can be executed on the fly, without special equipment and with no prep.

Standard Shifts:

    – Walking pattern modification

    – Putting on, taking off or changing a hat

    – Mannerism transforming

    – Changing an outer layer; shirt, jacket, pants etc.

    – Altering perceived body height

    – Self inflicted facial bruising

    – Posture adjusting

    – Changing interaction status

    – Wearing or removing eyeglasses

    – Rolling up / down shirt sleeves and pant legs

    – Putting on or off a hoodie

    – Hair restyling or deconstructing

    – Wearing pants conversely low / high

    – Theatrical limping


It’s the adding, removing or changing of clothing, accessories or equipment, as well as altering behavior.

The objective is to be able to effectively change the known general description of the operator once they are “made” (found out) in an ongoing scenario.

Shifts can be utilized individually or as comprehensive actions suited for each specific situation.