Self-sovereignty is a lifestyle method of having full authority of yourself, way of being and even your property – tangible and otherwise. It’s having dominion over your life.


Definitive governance of all aspects of your life and exclusive control of your possessions. To be the ruler of your own rules and really own what’s yours.

    ‘SOVEREIGN’     (sŏv′ər-ĭn)     //     One that exercises supreme and permanent authority. Self-governing; independent. Having supreme rank or power. Of superlative strength or efficacy.

If you need permission or instructions on how you spend your time, have decisions made for you and your possessions are readily confiscatable by outside forces, then you are not self-sovereign.

Being a sovereign individual is having full control over your time, decisions and possessions. Freedom.

It’s to be resistant to outside influence, interference, restrictions and governance. It’s to be free from the ever-increasing grasps of the modern world yet be connected to it unfettered and flexible.

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Interestingly, people in ancient times, long before developed civilizations, were far more sovereign than us now. They lived by their own rules and means.

No one told them how to live, where to live and who to live with. It was hard but they had complete control over all aspects of their existence.

It was absolute self-reliance, apex sovereignty.


These people didn’t have a choice however, but it made them strong and as free as a person could be.

Today, it’s significantly easier to exist and thrive, but comes at the cost of less control and freedom, which is a price most people don’t see the value in.

The modern world is designed for us to rely and need institutions and governments for us to live a base level way of life. That is unless you’re living exclusively off-grid to the extreme. But being self-sovereign doesn’t need to be radical, it’s not about reaching a specific point of sovereignty or independence.

It’s a general approach to living to be more self-sufficient with higher self-awareness to make your life more yours. To be less owned, controlled, and influenced by institutions and adversarial forces.

Back then they had to do everything for themselves, now we don’t have to and for that we’ve become weaker, less capable and more reliant on others.

Being self-sovereign trains and prepares you to engage the happenings of life optimally and unknown potential dangers and situations you may face, better than a person that always relies on someone else.

This method of life requires more autonomy, responsibility, learning and adapting – equating to being more capable, resilient, skilled and powerful.

The world owes you nothing, you don’t deserve this or that, you should be your own master that earns, takes or makes what you need and want in life.

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