The persistent and active practice of audibly imperceptible physical movements by way of a deliberate and comprehensive stealthy state of being.


Most people are unaware of how loud and therefore easily noticeable / trackable they are within the close proximity (earshot) of others when operating a mission task or merely going through daily life.

This human background noise is especially apparent to a trained professional specifically if they’re listening for such movement – as per strategy.

The amount of sound anyone makes just existing is usable data to know where they’re going, were, are – as well as what they’re doing and often exactly who it is.

This is one of the most pertinent ways to get the drop on a target for whatever operational purpose.

With deliberate changes and active efforts to be more quiet in everything you do, it will make you more tactically reactive and situationally responsive:

– Walking on “Loud” Floors and Concrete Streets

– Footstep Pattern

– Sitting Down on Chairs or Couches

– Opening, Shutting and Locking Doors / Windows

– Speaking or Texting on Phones (also device settings)

– Coughing or Clearing Your Voice

– Unpacking, Handling and Loading Your Bags

– Putting on Large / Heavy Clothing

– Urinating Then Zipping Pants up

– Having Keys or Loose Coins Jingling in Your Pocket

– Volume of Your Normal Speaking Voice

– Breathing Patterns

– Almost Any Physical Movement


The stealth physicality directive is essentially reducing the perceived volume of which you create doing anything that makes sound or causes it.

On an all-encompassing activity level and to be active at all times. For everything within reason but always situationally persistent. If you have control over it, whether directly from your body or as caused from your body, notch the human background noise down.

After extended practice and integration into your daily life, your stealth movement capabilities will become habitual, instinctive and natural.

Being consciously stealth and having a lower base human background noise level will also attune your hearing to be more receptive and adaptive.

Overall situational awareness heightened with your acuity to “feel” the proximity refined.

Silence is security, stealth is invulnerability

[INTEL : ‘Rapid/Stealth CQC-2S’ Techniques]
[OPTICS : Bangkok, Thailand]